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Illustration of Uplighting at The Gravity Bar - Guinness Storehouse .........  see effect of variant colours
Uplighting showing changing colour option
Uplighting at Christmas party Burlington Hotel, Dublin 4 & Guinness Store House
Uplighting at The Vaults. D1   Bar Restaurant Venue Club
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photo (110) photo (7x) photo (4)x
banquet 1 Celtic_Backdrop IMG_3920
75cele 75cele2 75cele3
Burlo Xmas3 burlo 3 guinnessent
photoy photox Uplightingz
IMG_2979 IMG_2984 Vaults1
banquet1 Banjo cloth 1 BANJO 1
uplighting1 banquet2jpg Starscreen
Uplighting Production and starcloth at Powerscourt Centre, Dublin 2
Powerscourt Townhouse Powerscourt Townhouse banquet313
Introduction to Uplighting.  Uplighting also known as mood lighting has become a major growing trend for events, particularly weddings and parties where lighting is used creatively to enhance the ambience of a room or building in a sophisticated and elegant fashion.
Lamps are positioned on floor level around the room/outside the building/or beside a particular focal point. The lamp is angled to project a glow upwards towards the wall or statue etc.  A variety of colours are available to choose from to compliment the setting or to synchronize with the party theme,  bridesmaids dress e.g.,   For best effect a subtle delicate colour tone is more desirable as its appeal is not to domineer or overwhelm.  A series of slow changing colour can also be a pleasing option.  It is quite common to set a colour theme during the meal and change to a more vibrant colour for the dancing afterwards.

Whilst the images below portray a snapshot of the spectacular transforming effects of Uplighting in varied surroundings, please take a preview of  Uplighting Videos  displaying the amazing effect of a whole room totally surrounded by colour and outdoor garden lighting completing the celebratory atmosphere.

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Compact, low profile par designed for uplighting.
Position discreetly directly on the ground.

Usually the best option is to meet with our qualified lighting specialists at the venue you have chosen.  This provides the opportunity to discuss all elements related to lighting options and costs. Talking to someone who is an expert in their field can provide peace of mind and also an opportunity to ask any questions or queries you may have.
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